“Gender, Ethnicity, and Immigration in Contemporary Japan” Manuscript Workshop

In September 2021, 21JPSI Director Adam Liff and Faculty Affiliate Hilary Holbrow convened a virtual manuscript workshop based on the theme of “Gender, Ethnicity, and Immigration in Contemporary Japan. A multidisciplinary group of six American and Japanese scholars with expertise on contemporary Japan gathered to present, discuss, and receive critical feedback on their (work-in-progress) academic manuscripts.

Image for Yuko HaraYuko Hara

University of Maryland, College Park, Department of Sociology, Doctoral Candidate

Paper Title: “Family Responsibilities and Work Attitudes of Japanese Adults Over the Life Course”

Image for Prof. Hilary HolbrowProf. Hilary Holbrow

Indiana University, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Assistant Professor of Japanese Politics and Society

Paper Title: “Champions, Gatekeepers, or Icons? Women’s Managerial Representation and Gender (In)Equality in Four Japanese Firms”

Image for Prof. Tristan IvoryProf. Tristan Ivory

Cornell University, East Asia Program, Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Labor

Paper Title: “Bifurcated Incorporation and Social Mobility in Japan”

Image for Prof. Yoshiaki KuboProf. Yoshiaki Kubo

University of the Ryukyus, Department of Law, Politics, and International Relations, Associate Professor

Paper Title: “Scientific Border Controls Reduce Xenophobia under the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in Japan”

Image for Prof. Eunmi MunProf. Eunmi Mun

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, School of Labor and Employment Relations, Assistant Professor

Paper Title: “Lifetime Advantage at the Top? The Norm of Lifetime Employment and CEO Succession in Japan”

Image for Fumiya UchikoshiFumiya Uchikoshi

Princeton University, Department of Sociology and Office of Population Research, Ph.D. Candidate

Paper Title: “Gender Differences in Risk Taking in College Applications: Institutional Origins of Female Underrepresentation in Selective Colleges in Japan”

2nd Annual "Japan and the World" Academic Manuscript Workshop

In December 2020, 21JPSI convened six American and Japanese experts on Japanese foreign policy to present, discuss, and receive critical feedback on their work-in-progress academic manuscripts. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop was held virtually via Zoom.

Image for Prof. Madoka FukudaProf. Madoka Fukuda

Hosei University, Professor of International Politics and China Studies

Paper Title: “The Origin of Japan-US-Taiwan Security Relations; Lee Teng-hui’s Legacy and Japan’s Security Policy in the Taiwan Strait”

Image for Prof. Yinan HeProf. Yinan He

Lehigh University, Professor of International Relations

Paper Title: “The Japan Differential? Sino-Japanese Relations Since the Trump Era”

Image for Prof. Adam P. LiffProf. Adam P. Liff

Indiana University, Associate Professor of East Asian International Relations

Paper Title: “Japan, Taiwan, and the “One China” Framework at 50 (1972-2022)”

Image for Prof. Phillip Y. LipscyProf. Phillip Y. Lipscy

University of Toronto, Associate Professor of Political Science

Paper Title: “Japan Transformed? The Foreign Policy Legacy of the Abe Government”

Image for Prof. Yasuhiro MatsudaProf. Yasuhiro Matsuda

University of Tokyo, Professor of International Politics

Paper Title: “Prospects of Japan’s China Policy in a Post-Abe Administration Era”

Image for Prof. Ayumi TeraokaMs. Ayumi Teraoka

Princeton University, Ph.D. Candidate

Paper Title: “The ‘Taiwan Clause’ and the U.S.-Japan-China Triangle: Lessons for U.S.-Japan Alliance Management Today”