Evan Wright ‘22

Former 21JPSI undergraduate assistant now helping to inform U.S. science and technology policy in Washington, DC

Wright, a former undergraduate assistant for 21JPSI and research assistant for Director Liff (2020-2022), is now a Science Policy Fellow at the Institute for Defense Analvses, which provides expert counsel to U.S. government clients, including the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and NASA. Wright double majored in East Asian Languages and Cultures and International Studies with a minor in Intelligence Studies through the Luddy School.

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“Since 21JPSI’s 2018 launch at the Hamilton Lugar School, in the heart of the flagship Bloomington campus of Indiana University, we have succeeded in achieving one of our core goals: establishing a Midwestern hub for policy-relevant research, teaching, and programming on contemporary Japan…”

Professor Adam P. Liff

Associate Professor, EALC Department
Founding Director, 21JPSI

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